Committee for Cultual Asset Protection Measures

Committee for Cultual Asset Protection Measures

Committee Members

4 Prefectures and 58 cities and towns, Shikoku Hachijyuhakkasho Reijokai(Association of the Shikoku Pilgrimage Temples (Corp.))


August 4th, 2011


In order to preserve the Shikoku Henro Pilgrimage and ensure its survival, we are working on measures to protect the property of The Shikoku Henro along with the surrounding area. In addition to investigating protection methods, we coordinate communication between the committee members in order to facilitate the smooth implementation of protection measures.

Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman

Committee Chairman: Culture Promotion Division,Arts and Culture Bureau,Policy Planning Department, Kagawa Prefectural Government Director General Tsuyoshi Ogawa

Committee Vice Chairman: Shikoku Hachijyuhakkasho Reijokai (Corp.) Chairman Syuho Hatakeda (Chief priest of temple #6, Anrakuji)